We Can Only Do What We Can Do

Take a breath Dream Team, we’ve got this.

The world’s asking a lot of us at the moment. Whether it’s self-inflicted or otherwise, we’re being called to achieve far more than was expected of us 10 years ago. The choices we have today are overwhelming, the information overload is exhaustive, the pace of day-to-day life is blistering, the attainment of overwhelming ‘success’ & ‘perfection’ seems so achievable that we feel like absolute failures if we’re not keeping up.

We’ll you’re not.

We all want to do our best, we all want to reach our potential, we all want to feel like we’re making progress, and you know what, we are. We’re doing our best, we’re doing great, and even if we’re only doing OK right now, that is great! Doing OK is a tall order in 2018 and who said keeping up was the goal anyway.

The healthier goal, instead, is to give ourselves a break, to take the pressure off, to put ourselves first, to remind ourselves what really matters most and to recognise that we can only do what we can do, more so than ever before. And that multitasking mother-****** can do one as well!

Take a breath Dream Team and go easy on yourself. We’ve got this. I’m right there with you. We’ve got this.

We can only do what we can do.

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What Matters Most

There’s no real blueprint for what matters most, but here’s mine:

To continually clear away life’s excess so I can channel as much of my time, energy and focus towards what I believe really matters most – my health, relationships, passions, growth and being in service to others.

To the best of my ability, I intentionally cultivate a day-to-day reality which ensures I’m ticking as many of these boxes as possible at any given moment. I consider these my 5 values.

By doing so, I’m stacking the odds in my favor towards an increased level of fulfillment and overall positive mental well-being. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s a mindset and lifestyle choice which has worked wonders for me over the past 5 years.

Let me paint the picture for you.

When I ran from Rome to London, my physical health significantly improved, as did my mental health. I was building new relationships with those of you following the adventure back home, and in person with those gorgeous Italians, Swiss & French I met along the way (both genders, just to be clear), not to mention making the heart grow stronger during the time spent away from my amazing wife.

During the adventure I was living out all 3 of my biggest passions – being active, being creative and connecting with people. I was growing as an individual, pushing my limits, spreading my wings and my potential. And I was being in service to others, playing my part to keep men alive by talking and spreading a little hope and optimism by sharing my story.

Now that I’m back home, it’s by public speaking where I’m finding just as much joy, with 4 of my 5 values being ticked.

When I speak, I’m building new relationships, I’m connecting with people face-to-face, I’m growing (forever being a student of my craft) and I’m being in service to others, hopefully adding a ton of value for my audience and leaving them feeling a little more uplifted than before I opened my mouth.

So you understand my recipe right? To minimise the time, energy and focus we spend in activities which don’t align with our values, in order to maximise the time, energy and focus we spend in activities which do align with our values, activities which really matter the most to us.

But what about the mundane? Well this is where the bigger picture comes in, your Why.

My Why is (to the best of my ability) to support & empower people to feel optimistic about the future so that together we can show future generations how it’s done. And so…

The cleaning and decorating creates a quieter and more beautiful living space from which to love, play, share, create, work and grow. The food shopping contributes towards a healthier diet, without which my abilities to do what I do would be significantly decreased, especially in the long run. The commute gives me time to learn, to grow, and when I get there to be in service to others and develop my skills to impact people in the biggest way possible. You get the picture.

As long as these ‘mundane’ activities serve our values, our Why, and the time spent performing these activities is vastly less than time spent doing the exciting stuff (taking on adventures, giving talks, creating new memories, spending time with loved ones, growing your family, all the stuff that means the most to you in the long run) then we’re in great shape.

This is about intentionally and being mindful – always questioning ‘Is what I’m doing right now serving my values? i.e. contributing towards what I believe really matters most.’ If not, stop, take note, don’t sweat it and be mindful going forward. It’s kind of empowering huh!

So what matters most to you? I struggle to find any other values which come close to replacing any of the 5 in my list, but I’m not you. For you it could be fame, or wealth, or legacy. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re true to yourself and doing so with intention (and you’re serving the greater good of course) then I applaud you.

Feel you’ve grown by reading these words, even in some small way? That’s what I’m talking about, being mindful of that feeling as much as we can. You’re a pro already!

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Start Where You Are

You may not think you’re ready, but I bet you are.

You may not think your story matters, but I bet it does.

You may not feel you have what you need to get started, but I bet you do.

You may not now exactly what’s over that horizon, but I bet you’ll never find out if you don’t at least take a look.

You may not have permission to do what you know you need to do, but I bet you don’t need it.

You may not know exactly where to start, but I bet you know the first step you need to take.

You may not know where your journey will take you, but how exciting is that!

I believe you’re exactly where you need to be to get started.

I believe all your previous life experiences have been leading up to this moment. I believe you already have the people around you to do what you need to do. I believe your body and mind has been doing what it needs to do to prepare you for this moment. I believe the universe has been seeing what you’re made of, and it can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.

I believe you know what you need to do and you’re ready to do it. You just need that little nudge.

And here it is. Consider yourself officially nudged.

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Here’s To The Crazy One’s

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things, they push the human race forward.

And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

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