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Man with Bipolar Disorder completes his 1250-mile solo running adventure from Rome to London!

In 2012, Dan Keeley suffered a full scale manic episode in Italy which resulted with him preaching from the central lane of a major motorway at rush hour. He believed he was ‘the chosen one’.

5 years on – having battled through severe depression, time spent in psychiatric wards, suicidal thoughts and the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder – Dan has now completed his 1250-mile self-supported running adventure from ‘Rome To Home’ and was welcomed at the finish line by hundreds of his fans and supporters.

Dan – 32 from South East England – started his adventure on Friday 25th August 2017 at the Colosseum and finished 65 days later on Saturday 28th October at the London Eye.

Running entirely self-supported with distances between 15 to 50 miles a day, Dan’s route included many iconic locations including Tuscany, Siena, the Great St Bernard Pass in the Italian & Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva, Paris and a number of places across Sussex, Kent & London which Dan considers Home.

Dan’s story is one of recovery, courage, physical and mental endurance, hope and selflessness with Rome To Home providing the biggest platform yet for Dan to share his story and to speak openly about life with Bipolar Disorder.

Dan ran over 1,250 miles across 4 countries and has raised over £14,700 for CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) – one of the UK’s most innovative charities dedicated to keeping men alive by talking.

£14,700 will pay for CALM’s helpline to stay open for 12 nights during which time they will receive an average of 200 calls each night from men who are severely struggling with their mental health or even considering taking their own life. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 with 12 men a day taking their own life every single day in the UK.

Dan also raised over £1,800 for Snow-Camp when crossing the Alps – an award-winning UK charity who change the lives of inner-city young people with snowsports.

Dan’s journey was not short of it’s challenges. Throughout the adventure, Dan had to manage his mental condition and at times had to accept he was entering in to states of hyper-mania, therefore putting the adventure and his health at risk. With heartfelt support from close family & friends back home, Dan managed his condition well and provided a determined example of how to manage Bipolar Disorder whilst living out a life-changing adventure.

On completion of the adventure, Dan is now welcoming public speaking opportunities and considering new and creative ways to share his story and keep men alive by talking.

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Here are some quotes from Dan’s supporters:

Joel Beckman, Operations Director at CALM, said:

CALM relies on the dedication of our amazing supporters to raise awareness of the fact that suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the precious money that funds our helpline and webchat service. The sheer enormity of Dan’s Rome To Home challenge is incredible, and we’re so proud that he has chosen to work with CALM. It’s been a privilege to get to know Dan and follow his journey online. We’re all looking forward to giving him an awesome CALM welcome home.

Deborah Fox, CALM donor, said:

Dan, I was so very touched by your story and the cause is very dear to my heart as my son, Phil took his own life 2 years ago. You are an incredible man, with amazing strength and endurance. What you have put your mind, body and soul through to raise awareness for mental health issues is phenomenal. Good luck with the rest of your journey. May you always stay safe and never have to experience those low times again.

Mark Leruste, Rome To Home fan, said:

Thank you, Dan, for your kind words and thank you for being so awesome and raising the flag on mental health awareness. May your legs run wild and your heart beat strong.

Eileen Mortimer, Rome To Home fan, said:

Your brutal honesty has helped me to understand the condition of Bipolar and how it manifests itself. Keep going!

With sincere thanks to the following partners for believing in the adventure and supporting the overall success of Rome To Home:

For any questions, speaking or media enquiries, please contact Dan directly at dan@rometohome.com, Mieke Voets at hello@powered-by-me.com or Neil Wood at neilwood@thecalmzone.net.

Thank you for your support.