What’s’up rockstar!

If this is your first time around here, you’re in the right place, and it’s awesome to have you here!

If you’re reading these words then congratulations, you’re now part of an exclusive club (with no membership fee, commitments or dress code) which I like to call my Dream Team. There’s no bench-warmers around here, you’re all on the starting line-up.

Before you decide whether to hang around or revisit my site another time, I want to paint the picture for you. I want to tell you who I am & what to expect here, but first I want to tell you who I’m not & what you shouldn’t expect.

Oh and before we jump in, don’t feel you’ve got to stick with this welcome for the sake of it. The last thing I want to do is waste your time. I’m obsessive about this, life is too precious.

Some of you are probably ready to read my blog, read my story, see what I speak about, learn about Rome To Home, see where I’ve been featured in the media, see how you can support me, learn about my charity partner or get in contact with me. Or if social media’s more your thing, feel free to head over to my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram channels.

If you stick with me for a few minutes here, I’ll do my best to make you feel welcome and express how grateful I am to have you reading my words. Let’s do this.

The first thing to say is that I’m not a mental health professional. If you’re looking for professional advice from a psychologist, counselor or otherwise, this isn’t the place you’ll find it.

I am however a purspose-driven optimist, dedicated to sharing my story & keeping men alive by talking.

By definition I’m someone who tends to be optimistic about the future, who lives life with a deep sense of purpose to help create a better world than the one I was born in to.

I believe in a world where the vast majority of people feel optimistic about the future, who have the support they need to get through their darkest times, and where we have far fewer than 12 men a day taking their own life in the UK. And I’m on a quiet mission to help make this world a reality.

To the best of my ability, I support & empower people to feel optimistic about the future so that together we can show future generations how it’s done.

By sharing my experiences and what works for me, I hope to play my part to normalise the conversation surrounding mental health issues, to give hope to others suffering out there, to help ease the pain of those affected by suicide or mental health challenges, to give permission to others to speak up about their own experiences, and to join me in believing our best days are yet to come.

And who knows, perhaps I’ll encourage a few others to take the time to cultivate a personal cause or mission which they believe in, which sets their soul on fire and helps to change the world for the better. Let’s see how I get on.

I’m one of the most grateful people you’ll ever meet. I’m incredibly lucky to be here. I pride myself on having taken responsibility for my happiness and building a wonderful support network around me. I think I’m a pretty nice guy. I’m someone who will tell you as I see it with a handful of core beliefs & values which guide me to do what I do.

This all stems from the fact that I wasn’t far from taking my own life myself as a result of my experiences with Bipolar Disorder. You can read my story here.

By now you’re probably wondering what I actually do? It’s a great question and it really comes down to 3 things: I speak, I write & I create new & innovative ways to share my story & keep men alive by talking.

I blog on this website and occasionally write for other platforms, but the thing I’m most passionate about is speaking and connecting with you guys face-to-face. It’s the thing that fires me up the most.

I speak to a growing number of audiences (schools, events, social enterprises and charities) on a range of topics, typically to do with our mental health. And if I can guarantee anything, it’s that I put my heart and soul in to every talk, I strive to leave every audience slightly more uplifted than before I opened my mouth and I strive to never waste a second of your time. I’m pretty obsessive about this.

By the way I’m not suggesting I spend every waking hour busting a gut with all of this. I do have my downtime, we all need that right, especially as someone who lives with Bipolar Disorder. But I am committed to doing the very best I can with the time & resources I have, with the goal of arriving at the end knowing I gave this life everything I got.

Alongside my passion for changing the landscape & conversation surrounding mental health issues the UK, I’m also a proud husband, a family man, a Partnerships & Community Manager for a snowsports youth charity, a Salomon Brand Ambassador, Movember Foundation SpokesMo, EtchRock Elite, Thrive LDN Champion, BASI Level 2 Alpine Ski Instructor & National Running Show Ambassador.

Some people refer to me as a mental health campaigner, some refer to me as an adventure-runner, but that’s up to you guys. I’ll take these titles I guess.

I love trail-running, being creative, connecting with positive like-minded people and above all else spending as much time as I possibly can with my amazing wife, my family & friends.

All this combined, you’ll rarely find me doing anything other than channeling as much of my time & energy towards what I believe really matters most – my health, relationships, passions, growth and being in service to others.

And the biggest contributor to help me with all of this is by practicing minimalism – the lifestyle choice & continual pursuit to clear away life’s excess so I have as much time, space & capacity as possible to focus on what really matters most, all the stuff above. Like the sound of minimalism? I’ll happily help you get started.

So you get it right? How I’m not too comfortable attaching my identity to what I do but rather why I do what I do. Of course you do, you’ve made it this far and I applaud you for it.

And that is why my quiet corner of the web exists, as the home of who I am and what I do, where I share my voice, my ideas, my thoughts, my updates and anything I think you guys will find value in. Sometimes we’ll roll deep, other times we’ll keep it light, but you know I’ll always keep it real with you and you’re welcome back here anytime.

So there you have it, I hope you feel very welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and having a good look around.

If you have any questions, if you’d like to discuss collaborating on a project or booking me for a talk, please feel very welcome to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh and what was that Rome To Home thing I mentioned? Well in the summer of 2017 I ran 1250 miles from the Colosseum in Rome to the London Eye, solo & self-supported. I took on the adventure to (you guessed it) share my story & keep men alive by talking. The adventure took 65 days, was a real team effort behind the scenes and I raised over £17,000 for charity. It was my proudest achievement yet, besides marrying the girl of my dreams. It was totally life-changing for all the right reasons and you can read more about Rome To Home here.

Love to you all, thanks for being here, shake & bake.

Dan x